Looking back at the history of Manmin, I can only confess that all things were by God’s grace and a progression of His blessings. When I was praying for the founding of a church in 1982, God gave me a dream and a vision of greatly accomplishing national evangelization and world mission, and named the new congregation “Manmin,” which, when translated from Korean, means “all people” or “all creation.”
The twenty-four years of Manmin’s history are a testament of God’s grace by which its members have been leading their lives in Christ the way their fathers of faith had lived, and they bore witness to the fulfillment of the visions and the dreams God had given this church at the time of the founding. There were indeed times of turbulence but even such times proved to be precious opportunities of spiritual growth through which all Manmin members became united by more perfect faith and love.
Throughout its existence, the ministry of Manmin has made every effort to nurture each of its members to become “wheat”: training each individual to possess true heart and perfect faith so that he might prosper and be in good health just as his soul prospered in this world and become worthy of shining glory and rewards in heaven. When I pleaded with God for national evangelization and world mission, He anointed me with His power and led each step of the way to proclaim to the whole world the teachings and the news of the Living God, and for these I only give all thanks and glory to Him.
He, who took upon the cross and shed all His blood and water in order to bring us salvation, is interceding for us and encouraging us today. I earnestly hope this online medium will serve as a blessed device, allowing the birth of many a holy congregation that experience God’s love, answers, and power, and a place where all people come to have an intimate relationship with Jesus who is “the way, and the truth, and the life.”
May God’s grace and blessings be always abundant in your life and ministry, in the name of Our Lord I pray!